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Dr. Goodenowe has scientifically designed our supplements to replenish certain deficiencies in key molecules identified by our ProdromeScan blood test.

Prodrome Plasmalogen Supplements

Plasmalogen Molecules


The research evidence is overwhelming.

Over 600 clinics around the world have been using our plasmalogen supplements with their patients. Healthy Plasmalogen levels are  necessary for optimal health and longevity. Published research links low levels of plasmalogens to decreased longevity and demonstrate the critical role plasmalogens play in maintaining critical functions in the body.

Funded by the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Plasmalogen Supplement Product Comparison*

Prodrome plasmalogen supplements contain 100-900x more plasmalogen than other plasmalogen supplement brands available!








27,000 mg

900 mg

$0.0073 / mg


1 bottle


60 mg

2 mg

$1.42 / mg


450 bottles


30 mg

1 mg

$3.20 / mg

Marine animal

900 bottles


30 mg

1 mg

$2.90 / mg


900 bottles


240 mg

8 mg

$0.41 / mg

Marine animal

112.5 bottles

*Comparisons are from product information advertised on e-commerce websites on July 14, 2021. Prodrome is not affiliated with the products listed above in any way. 

How much plasmalogen do you really need?

The original scientific studies indicated doses of 900mg (10mg/kg) were effective for protection but that doses of up to 4500mg (50mg/kg) were best for repair*. In our clinical work now with leaders in Clinical Neurology we are confirming exactly that – our most recent results observe benefits with doses ranging from 900mg to 3600mg. That is why we formulated our plasmalogen product to have a daily serving of 900mg. 

Some individuals benefit from a loading dose of 2 to 4 times the daily dose for one to three months to rapidly repair.


Plasmalogens are a major building block of the body, making up to 20% of the brain!

Plasmalogens are not some trace nutrient. They are found in high levels in the brain, heart, lungs, retina, and kidneys. As we age, our levels decrease. Our bodies are no longer keeping up with the demand as plasmalogens are used up by the body as powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules. High doses are needed to effectively replenish and maintain levels the body needs.

Our Plasmalogen Supplements are the first high-dose plasmalogen supplements available.

100-900x the strength of other plasmalogen supplements.
Scientifically designed for maximum absorption in the gut to deliver plasmalogens into your system that would otherwise be degraded during digestion.
900 mg per standard serving.

ProdromeGTA Supplement

ProdromeGTA is specifically formulated to mimic activity that compensates for a gastrointestinal tract acid (GTA) deficiency. This deficiency is identified by our ProdromeScan blood test. GTAs are molecules that originate in the gut. They are potent anti-inflammatory molecules.

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To learn more about the science behind the Prodrome products, visit Dr. Goodenowe's Research Institute website where he shares his vast knowledge, expertise, and research.

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To learn more about the science behind the Prodrome products, visit Dr. Goodenowe's educational website where he shares his vast knowledge, expertise, and research.