New prices with new technology!

We are proud to announce that due to strong sales and investment support, Prodrome Sciences has been able to upgrade manufacturing facilities for ourplasmalogen supplements. Prodrome is committed to passing cost-savings to our customers. Our goal is to ensure that every person has access to affordable and effective plasmalogen supplementation – and we just completed another major step on this path. 

Last year, with a grant from the Alzheimer’s Association (PCTR-16-381605, Part the CloudTM),Prodromeset up a new manufacturing facility to start the production of Prodromeplasmalogen products. The initial work was costly; we launched a crowdfunding campaign for pre-orders of our plasmalogen supplement to help accelerate the work. We are so grateful to both the Alzheimer’s Association and our early adopters for their support. In late 2019 we had our first plasmalogen supplement ready and confirmed its effectiveness in the first in-human trial; it was a very exciting day! 

Since the launch in late 2019, we have been so fortunate to work with numerous physicians who have adopted our technology – both our ProdromeScanTM blood test that measures plasmalogens and our ProdromeNeuroTM and ProdromeGliaTM plasmalogen supplements. We are now at the point in less than a year, thanks to investment in our production and increased sales through our valued clinics, where we can lower our pricing significantly by $100 a bottle! This is an important step in making this critical technology available to more people. The goal is to eventually have our technologies available to any person anywhere in the world; so our work continues until we make this a reality.

Thank you to the Alzheimer’s Association, our investors, our staff, our early crowdfunder-adopters, and our clinician partners. 

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