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ProdromeGTA supplement is now available.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new supplement, ProdromeGTA. The history and science behind ProdromeGTA is very interesting. In 1999, Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, Founder and CEO of Prodrome Sciences, invented a revolutionary technology called Non-Targeted Complex Sample Analysis. Dr. Goodenowe’s invention enabled, for the first time, thousands of biochemicals in a biological sample to be simultaneously measured. When Dr. Goodenowe applied his patented technology to the study of various cancers in the mid 2000s, he discovered that there was an entire new class of biochemicals in human blood that doctors and scientists never even knew existed and that these naturally occurring biochemicals, called metabolites, are depleted in the blood of persons with certain cancers such as colon, pancreatic, and ovarian cancers.

Working with international researchers, Dr. Goodenowe further discovered that the depletion of these metabolites preceded the occurrence of cancer and were not restored to normal following surgical removal of the cancers. Dr. Goodenowe also performed detailed laboratory experiments to determine the biological activity of these newly discovered metabolites and found that they possessed potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. GTAs are believed to be produced by gut microflora and then absorbed into the human blood supply and so Dr. Goodenowe named them Gastrointestinal Tract Acids (GTAs). Dr. Goodenowe also studied the effect of aging on these GTAs and discovered that, as persons get older, they become more likely to be deficient in GTAs. The same patented technology that was used to discover GTAs is now available so anyone can get their GTA levels measured as part of the ProdromeScan blood test.

Although Dr. Goodenowe continues to investigate potential dietary and probiotic strategies to restore GTAs to healthy, protective levels, currently there is no well-established way to elevate GTA levels in deficient persons. Because of this difficulty, Dr. Goodenowe investigated and researched naturally occurring plant extracts that possessed similar biochemical properties as GTAs. The best candidate from this investigation is a curcuminoid called BDMC. However, naturally occurring BDMC levels are only a very small percentage of normal curcuminoid supplements. What makes ProdromeGTA special is that it contains a patented BDMC formulation that delivers a the highest concentration of BDMC available which is 10-100x the amount found in typical curcuminoid supplements. 

ProdromeScan blood test and ProdromeGTA supplement are available here.

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