Home Blood Draw (Charges Applied During Scheduling)
Note: After your receive your ProdromeScan Blood Test Collection Kit, you may schedule an appointment for a $75 fee at travalab.com/prodrome-sciences or scan the QR code emailed to you to book a home blood draw. Please note this service is not affiliated with Prodrome and is a third-party service provider presented for your convenience.

$75.00 *

* Paid on travalab's site during scheduling

Must be purchased with the ProdromeScan Blood Test.

After receiving your ProdromeScan Blood Test Collection Kit, you will need to arrange a blood draw for testing. Schedule your appointment after receiving your kit at https://travalab.com/prodrome-sciences/

Currently offered only in the United States of America.

Mileage may be extra for remote locations.

When your kit arrives in the mail you will need to visit https://travalab.com/prodrome-sciences/ to schedule your blood draw using our phlebotomy provider in the comfort of your own home. The phlebotomist will perform the blood draw and take care of the shipping for you. This home blood draw is an additional $75 fee.

The blood test results report will be ready in 10 to 14 days after the sample is received.