PlasmalogenPLUS Blood Test
Only available in USA


* Currently offered only in the USA through our store (contact us for availability in Australia, the UK, and Japan)
You must schedule a home blood draw to complete the blood test (extra $149 fee, mileage may be extra for remote locations)

One test kit box includes a blood draw tube, instructions, and all return shipping materials. Our phlebotomy provider performs the blood draw in the comfort of your home and handles all shipping for an additional $149 fee added to your order at checkout.

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The PlasmalogenPLUS blood test measures plasmalogen molecules in addition to key ethanolamine phospholipids:

  • Plasmalogens (PLEs)
    • Total ethanolamine plasmalogens (PLEs)
    • DHA-Plasmalogen, PlsEtn 40:6 (18:0/22:6, DHA)
    • EPA-Plasmalogen, PlsEtn 38:5 (18:0/20:5, EPA)
  • Phosphatidyl Ethanolamines (PEs)
    • Total Phosphatidylethanolamines (PEs)
    • DHA-Ethanolamine, PtdEtn 40:6 (18:0/22:6, DHA)
    • EPA-Ethanolamine, PtdEtn 38:5 (18:0/20:5, EPA)

The PlasmalogenPLUS blood test kit includes the blood draw tube and shipping vial as well as all return packaging and shipping materials. You must provide your patients with a blood draw and process the sample into serum according to the instructions in the kit. Or, you may add on our blood draw provider and the phlebotomist will perform the blood draw and take care of the shipping for you. The home blood draw is an additional $149 fee added during checkout.

The blood test results report will be ready in 10 to 14 days after the sample is received.

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Home Blood Draw

Home Blood Draw (+$179.00), Kit Only