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ProdromeNeuro™ contains the plasmalogen building blocks for neurons that make up brain gray matter. Neurons are cells that process and transmit information in the body.
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ProdromeNeuro™ (Oil)

Omega-3 Plasmalogen Oil
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Brain & nerve boost for maximizing body and mind performance.

ProdromeNEUROis an omega-3 (DHA) plasmalogen precursor designed to restore and optimize cellular functions that require high levels of DHA plasmalogens, such as brain gray matter, neuron and neuromuscular synaptic function, reverse cholesterol transport, and maintaining low brain amyloid levels.

ProdromeNEURO™ DHA-plasmalogen precursors are the most extensively researched and are the only patented and validated way to restore DHA plasmalogens. These precursors have been shown to prevent neurodegeneration, increase reverse cholesterol transport, reduce amyloid formation, improve cognition, improve mobility, reduce lipid peroxidation, and increase anti-oxidant capacity.*

ProdromeNEURO™ is scientifically designed by Dr. Dayan Goodenowe to provide the body with critical plasmalogen molecules necessary for optimal cellular function and is measured in the ProdromeScan blood test.

Made in the USA

Virtually all of our product is made in here in America.


All our products adhere to strict GMP quality standards.

Clinically Proven

Our supplements are scientifically designed to correct deficiencies in key molecules.

The Prodrome Brand Promise

The Prodrome Brand Promise

Every Prodrome Science product was created with a singular purpose. And that purpose is YOU. When you see the Dr. Goodenowe approved seal you can trust that this product is the result of a lifetime of acquired knowledge in biochemical mechanisms of health and disease. From the years of research and exhaustive clinical testing to the strict cGMP processes that apply to each step of our product pipeline, our team is dedicated to delivering the best biochemical essentials. Everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

Prodrome Science is a paradigm shift from today’s symptom-based healthcare system. A Prodrome-based health care system optimizes the body’s biochemistry before illness or disease has a chance to take root. Prodrome Science represents a departure from chronic disease treatment to health and vitality restoration—not just living longer, but living better.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.